Web 2.0 for K-12


PowerPoint Books - insert > new photo album
  • Use photo album feature
  • Use giant textbook to create the text with a photo
  • Use befunky to make comic looking book

Chacha - www.chacha.com
  • Call and get a text back answering your question


  • http://delicious.com
  • www.diigo.com - can take a snapshot of a webpage (not a live page) - can highlight part of a page - can create a stickynote (have to go through diigo to have these features)
  • wetpaint - has an education version
    • Famous Missourians - different groups of kids create and edit and add to a page with their researched information
    • VoiceThread - Kids draw a picture and then record their thoughts about their picture



Digital Storytelling
  • Make Beliefs Comic - www.makebeliefscomix.com - can print it out - use in newsletter - do a screen capture and paste it into a newsletter - Do using dialogue
  • Extra Normal -
  • Webspiration - www.mywebspiration.com - saved on their server and is collaborative
  • Intel - seeing reason -
  • etherpad - http://etherpad.com - like google docs but kids contributions are color-coded - 8 kids can collaborate at one time

  • Every Trail - www.everytrail.com - take a picture use the app to locate the picture via GPS
  • ClassTools - www.classtools.net - flash without programming - flash cards, charts, etc.
  • Scheduling/Planning - www.whichdateworks.com - give a choice of dates, email to friends, they choose their dates and you figure it out
  • Wallwisher - www.wallwisher.com - like sticky notes to respond to a prompt - can add pictures, audio and maybe video
  • Wordle - (look under collaborative or clou

  • Voki