Google Tools and Tips

Cindy Lane -
google earth goods


Google Mars (Bill Nye)


Google Maps first then move to Google Earth

Drag right to rotate the Earth

click north to straighten up the earth or to go to 3D view
clear cache before creating a tour so it will work without internet
Can overlay images and change transparency
My places
right click on my places
image overlay
find picture
Add audio files using a camera

Google Forms
self graded exams
80/20 rule
Google Labs
Google Books - full view only can read a whole book
save to own library

Google Images
Advanced Image Search
Usage rights (copyright free)
Labeled for reuse

After search
Web + Show options
Shows categories
Standard View
Wonder Wheel (Graphic organizer)
Great way to divide parts

Create a custom search engine for tasks
Google Squared
Crib Sheets
Google Docs - Revision history - keeps kids honest
21 ways to use google docs
50 people can work on a spreadsheet @ one time
Presentations can have 10 people working at one time
ask her to email a copy of 21 ways ppt

Jesse Spevack you tube video - self graded exam video